Functions of solutions for management of sales

There are functions are implemented by CRM for sales department through opportunities of the setup of filters for group tasks and the daily reporting of personnel. The first is necessary for focusing on efforts of the department, the second — for the analysis of a state and decision-making on change of a situation. All this is integrated in sales management solution

Now many companies automate business processes, and it is important to adjust everything correctly at once. It is necessary for you to:

develop the technical project under your requirements (according to reports / on functionality / by access rights).

develop textbooks of methods for the staff of the department of work in the system.

include in CRM motivational features.

It is important to understand that small companies or businesses with a small number of clients still need CRM. These categories of the enterprises aren’t able to afford to lose any buyer.


Helps to control, train managers, to correct errors in scripts. Its realization is possible if you integrated telephony and all services, necessary for fast dialing, with Customer Relationship Management System for the sales department. This function is extremely important as it is not only for control. Records are used as the material on internal pieces of training: the best and worst samples. And also there are material pieces of evidence in conflict situations with buyers and managers.


Will help to define a portrait of the buyer, to segment clients, to operate total revenue. From Customer Relationship Management System for sales department data on regularity and volumes of purchase on each contractor are unloaded. The same becomes also for a product. Then both buyers, and products are ranged by 2 criteria: to the volume and regularity of purchases. 9 groups on each of which certain decisions are made are as a result formed.


Helps to analyze causes of failures and to find the necessary arguments for the belief to buy. Depending on at what stage or for what reason the client has refused to buy, the strategy of his return is developed. And where the lead has actually got stuck, it is easy to find out through Customer Relationship Management System for the sales department.

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